Snapshots and Testimonials

“I’m very grateful that Betes On Tap exists. It’s wonderful to get together with other people affected by diabetes who live in the New England area! Over the years, I’ve valued making diabetes connections and I’m happy to say that Betes On Tap has provided many for me. Whether we’re going apple picking or enjoying a couple of pints, we have a great time together as our conversations go beyond diabetes and into genuine friendships.”   

-Molly, Betes On Tap Member

BoT Cheers!

Betes On Tap’s birthday, Summer 2015

“I struggled for a long time connecting with other adults in the Boston area with Type 1 diabetes.  Online connections are great, but there’s something empowering, engaging, and therapeutic about being with other T1Ds.  I’m grateful that I happened upon the Betes On Tap group.  Through the group I have connected with others locally, that I wouldn’t have connected with in my daily travels.”

-Phyllis, Betes On Tap Member

Betes On Tap apple picking landscape

Apple picking, Fall 2015

BoT March 2016 A

“With the notion of being spontaneous, informal, no judgments, no rules and no patronage to a specific organization, comes Betes On Tap.  Anyone is welcome including those dressed for the beach, folks who yell across the table or someone with a bad case of being overtly chatty about how they hate their blood testing meter or inability to carb count pizza. My first event found me taking a group picture with random diabetics whom I had never met before with an alcoholic beverage in one hand and pump, CGM, or meter in the other. I have attended hundreds of events geared toward people with diabetes and never before did I accomplish so much goofing off around people who feel the weight and stress of this difficult disease. Bartender, make that 2 “shots” of whiskey please. Welcome to Betes On Tap. Cheers.”

-Patrick, Betes On Tap Member 

BoT March 2016 B

BoT March 2016 C

Boston, March 2016

“When I was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes three years ago, I did everything I could to find other people living with this disease. I wanted to know what it was like for them and what it might look like for me down the road. And most of all, I wanted to talk to other people who understood exactly what I was going through. I appreciate Betes On Tap because it offers me a really informal way to connect with other people who have Type 1. I’ve learned so much about different strategies for pumping, diets, and travel, to name a few. Most of all, I’ve loved the humor and grace with which people living with Type 1 Diabetes have been able to talk about their experiences, especially those who have been dealing with this for decades. Their attitude always reminds me to have patience and to remember that diabetes is just one part of my life. I can still do amazing things, it just might take a little more planning! I rely a lot on the diabetes online community to learn for myself and also to educate others but it’s important to meet each other in person and talk about our experiences too. Thanks to everyone involved with Betes On Tap for helping make this all a little bit easier!”

-Liz, Betes On Tap Member


Betes On Tap Fall Event 2016, Honey Pot Hill Apple Orchard, Stow, MA